Poster Session I (09h:30m – 10h:30m)

2 Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness Prediction using CT ImagesBruno Mendes, Inês Domingues and João Santos
5Detection of EGFR-related patterns in lung cancer CT images: a holistic approachFrancisco Silva, Tania Pereira, António Cunha and Hélder Oliveira
8Machine learning approach for perfusion assessment of synthetic myocardial SPECT imagesSérgio Figueiredo, Ana Fred and João Sanches
9Comparison of bladder segmentation techniques in CT scansAna Couto, Inês Domingues and João Santos
12Segmentation of optic disc and cup for glaucoma analysis using cup-to-disc ratioAlexandre Neto, José Camara, Sérgio Oliveira, Ana Cláudia and António Cunha
13Detection of polyps in colonoscopy imagesSara Nobrega, José Ribeiro and António Cunha
16Preliminary Study on the Impact of Attention Mechanisms for Medical Image ClassificationTiago Gonçalves and Jaime Cardoso
21False-positives attenuation of automatically detected hotspots on bone scintigraphy images using image analysis techniquesLaura Providência, Inês Domingues and João Santos
22Analysis of classification tradeoff in deep learning for gastric cancer detectionGabriel Lima, Miguel Coimbra and Francesco Renna
23Improving spatial resolution of myocardial T1-mapping using a model-based super-resolution reconstructionFrancisco Cachado, Andreia Gaspar and Rita Nunes
26Deep Convolutional Neural Network for gastric landmark detectionInês Lopes, Miguel Coimbra, Augusto Silva and Francesco Renna
29Segmentation of US fetus images based on particle swarm optimization and k-means clusteringLio Goncalves, Paulo Salgado and Paulo Afonso
32Anonymising Case-based Explanations for Medical Image AnalysisHelena Montenegro, Wilson Silva and Jaime S. Cardoso
38Automatic Lung Field Segmentation on Chest Radiography ImagesRui Magalhães, Ricardo Brioso, Joana Rocha, Sofia Cardoso Pereira, João Pedrosa, Ana Maria Mendonça and Aurélio Campilho
40 A semi-supervised approach for colorectal cancer diagnosis from H&E whole slide imagesSara P. Oliveira, Pedro C. Neto, Diana Montezuma, Liliana Ribeiro, Ana Monteiro, Isabel Macedo Pinto and Jaime Cardoso