Poster Session II (11h – 12h)

3Pest detection: Can we beat the technicians?Bruno Cardoso, Abdellahi Brahim, Catarina Silva, Joana Costa and Bernardete Ribeiro
14Evaluation of different depth cameras technologies in transparent and semitransparent scenesEva Curto and Helder Araujo
17Order is the key: Deep focus assessment in Whole Slide ImagesTomé Albuquerque, Ana Moreira and Jaime Cardoso
20Question Answering from Technical Portuguese DocumentsSara Inácio, Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira and Catarina Silva
30Sentinel 2 Image Scene Classification: A Comparison Between Bands and Spectral IndicesKashyap Raiyani, Teresa Goncalves and Luis Rato
31caPAD – A context aware model for face presentation attack detectionPedro C.Neto, Ana F. Sequeira and Jaime S. Cardoso
35Predicting soil electro-condutivity using Sentinel-1 ImagesEduardo Medeiros, Sajib Ahmed, Teresa Gonçalves and Luís Rato
36Complementary and case-based explanations for clinical decision supportWilson Silva and Jaime S. Cardoso
37Real-Time Head Movement Analysis in Teleconsultation for Depression DisorderDiogo Ramalho, Vasco Duarte, Hugo Silva, Miguel Constante and João Sanches
39Face Detection and Alignment Using On-the-Wild Multispectral ImagesPedro Roque Martins, Jose Silvestre Silva and Alexandre Bernardino
41An Initial Approach to Self-Supervised Underwater Fish DetectionRicardo Veiga, Jorge Semião and João M. Rodrigues
43Sketch-to-Photo Matching Enforcing Realistic Rendering GenerationLeonardo Capozzi, João Ribeiro Pinto, Jaime Cardoso and Ana Rebelo
45From Captions to Explanations: Towards In-Model Unsupervised Natural Language ExplanationsIsabel Rio-Torto, Luís F. Teixeira and Jaime Cardoso
46Estimation of Pose Accuracy Based on Relative PoseHelder Araujo and Francisco Lourenço