Poster Session III (14h:30m – 15h:30m)

1An Exploratory Study on ECG Biometric Bias Using Compression AlgorithmsJoão Carvalho, Susana Brás and Armando Pinho
4Evaluating the Performance of Zero-Shot Learning Methods using Low-Power DevicesCristiano Patrício and João Neves
7Evaluating GANs for Dataset AugmentationFrancisco Fernandes, Catarina Silva and Bernardete Ribeiro
11Real-time pulse rate variability for remote autonomic assessmentPedro Constantino, João Sanches, Hugo Silva and Miguel Constante
18Organization of Information in Feed-Forward Neural NetworksRicardo Coke and Paulo Salgado
19Adaptive body interface to control devices using KNX protocolJedid Jah D. Santos, Ivo Martins and João M.F Rodrigues
24Biometric identification and authentication based on electrocardiogramBruna Alves and Raquel Sebastião
27Low-Cost Pulse Oximetry and Infra-Red Temperature Device for COVID-19 PatientsAfonso Raposo, Francisco Melo, João Sanches and Hugo Silva
33Improving Federated Learning Protection with Digital EnvelopesMario Dib, Pedro Prates and Bernardete Ribeiro
42Road Accident Predictions as a Classification ProblemMadhulika Agrawal, Teresa Gonçalves and Paulo Quaresma
44Contour Estimation and Delineation using Adaptive Periodic Cubic SplinesPaulo Salgado and Pedro Couto
48Regressing Autonomous Guided Vehicle Localization from Non-Visual Sensor DataBruno Carneiro da Silva and Luís Alexandre
49Ultrasound denoising using the pix2pix GANAfonso Raposo, António Azeitona, Manya Afonso and João Sanches
50Archaea Taxonomic ClassificationJorge Miguel Silva, Diogo Pratas, Tânia Caetano and Sérgio Matos